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Mangaki is a non-profit recommender system of manga and anime.

From the anime you watched and the manga you read, our algorithm discover new precious pearls that you will love!

If you want to join, there's plenty to do!

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Discover data science with Mangaki


Our algorithm is open source, so you can study it and improve it!

Do you know these concepts? Nearest neighbors, singular value decomposition, Netflix Prize, autoencoder?

Come and learn all of these on the GitHub repo or within the organization!

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Our Board - 団長


Jill-Jênn Vie


JJ is a researcher in RIKEN, Tokyo. He developed the main recommendation algorithms and is conducting Mangaki from Japan.

Absolute fan of the genius composer Yoko Kanno, Satoshi Kon and Cowboy Bebop, he is mostly interested in the screenplay and the storytelling of anime. For him, the best plot ever made is Haruhi Suzumiya (notably its gold mine of tropes).


Ryan Lahfa


Ryan actively takes part in open source projects, some are based on the Python language and web technologies such as React.js, the JavaScript library which powers Facebook.

Seasoned time traveler, he never refrains from challenging the world's foundations and wants to reach someday the Steins;Gate. Also, he is fascinated by Yû Kamiya.


Basile Clement


Basile is a developer, alumni of École normale supérieure.

He loves Haruhi Suzumiya, yep, that's all.

Board of directors — 団

Sedeto is a graphic manga designer at the Delcourt group. She made Mangaki's logo. She loves Kunihiko Ikuhara and the studio Shaft, as well as shōjo and hentai, so many inspirations that appear in her works for Doujin Style and anime critics on the French podcast Mangacast.

Soubi in an Web engineer at a big media group, helping with frontend and communication in Mangaki. He loves to attend the Comiket, yaoi and seinen, and the works of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Hideaki Anno, Satoshi Kon, Sushio, Takeshi Obata and studios Colorido, KyoAni et Trigger.

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